"You're Doing it Wrong." 

One of my favorite movies is Mr. Mom with Michael Keaton. He loses his job and the wife has to go into the work force while he stays home and takes care of the kids and the house.

In one of the funniest scenes Michael Keaton is dropping the kids off at school and he's going the wrong way. He's sincere but ... he's going the wrong way. He's being a good dad but ... he's going the wrong way. The son finally yells from the back seat "Daaaad ... you're doing it wrong!"

Soooo … I was thinking last night … everybody wants to get back to normal. Many churches ️ are seemingly FORCING normal back on to people (attend weekly, hold hands, high five your neighbor, sing unmasked, whoop and holler, etc etc … and for the record I love it ALL) 

But … here’s the thought I had … what if “normal” was wrong and the pandemic was sent to force us to do something new and totally different?? We could be trying to get “back” to the wrong place. That’s like the GPS rerouting you to 55 South in order to get to Canada. 

Just because you’re used to something doesn’t mean it’s right!!! (Ooooweeee now THAT will preach!!!!!) 

Don’t get upset! just think and answer this question for me honestly (even if you can’t reply to this post publicly just think about it) … 

Does the Church today look anything like the Church of the Bible? Acts 2:42-47 

We’re telling people to come to the building and they didn’t even have a building. 

Please don’t get me wrong! 

- I’m NOT against going to Church! 
- I am NOT against pastors. 
- I AM the Church. I AM a pastor. 
- But I AM FOR us working smart and not frustratingly hard. 

Maybe … we’re doing some things wrong. 

Imagine this … 

- What if smaller churches merged together so all the weight would NOT be on one pastor? 

- what if buildings and overhead were sacrificed so that giving could support the needs of those IN the church family? 

- what if instead of meeting once a week in large gatherings we met every day in small gatherings to build fellowship, connection and prayer? 

What if … ? 



Some of my pastor friends may get upset with me but I'm just wondering ... are we doing it wrong??

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