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Join Me Each Morning at 6:30 AM CST for Morning Glory. www.mgnation.org Click the link for more information.

Join Me Each Morning at 6:30 AM CST for Morning Glory. www.mgnation.org Click the link for more information.

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Lessons From L.A.

My 47th Birthday Sabbatical

Lessons from L.A.

As you may or may not know I took a trip to Los Angeles California for my birthday to hear from God. (I hear best from God in a coastal climate.)

The trip was filled with some amazing adventures and lessons. And I’d love to share a few with you.

Here’s a Word …

Look at and study this picture. I was driving on the freeway but I had to snap it. If you make the picture big enough you can see that there are snow capped mountains off in the distance. There I was in 70° weather but I could see snowcapped mountains . 

My uncle Lafayette White told me we could be in the snow and cold in less than an hour! His exact words were “it’s not as far as you think”.

What I was “seeing” looked nothing like where I was. Anybody hear the message yet?)

Hey FB … vision is the ability to “see” something that looks totally different from where you are now.

Keep your vision!! You know why ???

It’s not as far away as you think!!!! (Cue the shouting music!! )

"You're Doing it Wrong."  

One of my favorite movies is Mr. Mom with Michael Keaton. He loses his job and the wife has to go into the work force while he stays home and takes care of the kids and the house.

In one of the funniest scenes Michael Keaton is dropping the kids off at school and he's going the wrong way. He's sincere but ... he's going the wrong way. He's being a good dad but ... he's going the wrong way. The son finally yells from the back seat "Daaaad ... you're doing it wrong!"

Soooo … I was thinking last night ……

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What I Learned After I Retired from Pastoring 

A FEW Lessons I’ve learned since I stepped away from pastoring (they will bless everyone): 

1. People will try and make you a substitute Savior. Don’t let them. Stop carrying weight that was not meant for your back. There’s only one Savior - Jesus! And we ALL need Him! 

2. Folk are going to talk about you anyway. If you’re doing well you’re arrogant and untouchable. If you admit you’re struggling then you’re weak and ineffective. If you don’t say anything then you’re standoffish. So DO YOU! 

3. Even Jesus…

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